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Past Events

Dissociated Bodies in Exile
Nabila Hamici

This exhibition highlights two important themes: that of madness in art and that of the mental health of fragile people in a post-colonial context. The author Frantz Fanon is widely known for his writings on the mental health of colonized peoples.
In his writings, in addition to Frantz Fanon, Hamci cites Henri Michaux (a Belgian-born French artist), author of texts such as Cas de folie circulaire, who was very interested in psychiatry in his writings, as well as in the interiority and self-observation of artistic practices that can result from the use of psychotropic substances.


Hamici's painting documents the delusions of a person struggling with her hallucinations in a large American city where she feels lost. With its buildings, its wide avenues and the body of this woman in search of salvation. The artist combines painting and writing.


Writing of texts that contextualize the visual story, this one is retranscribed by bright colors, characters and forms with black contours. And schizo-graphic writing, a kind of calligraphy that operates as a form of liberation for the artist and that is incorporated into the visual narrative.


This writing "says the things" to take back the expression of Henri Michaux, where the texts represent the images.

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