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Our Projects

As an artivist space, Wetsi Art Gallery practices what Maura O'reilly calls curatorial activism. In a context of decolonization of our societies, both of public space and of the imaginary, WAG is convinced of the need for Afro-descendant communities to take charge and act. That's why we choose to create our own spaces while keeping dialogue with power institutions open. 

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Le musée légitime

Le musée légitime is a space that is both real and virtual and is intended to spread throughout the world. Gallery 0, the starting point of the project, is located at the Wetsi Art Gallery. It is a room intended to host works of art voluntarily returned by those who currently hold title to them. The aim is for associations run by Afrodescendants around the world to create their own legitimate museum gallery. The objects are thus made available to the public with descriptions of their biographies and context of creation and use. 

La bibliothèque décoloniale

The decolonial library is a space that provides readers with books on colonial history and current post-decolonial issues. Accessible at Wetsi Art Gallery for consultation only and upon requests. 

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Reclaiming the art space

With this series of events, we want to debunk the mystery of art being classist, exclusive and white. The art we show in our gallery shows art in forms we rarely see in museums. It shows the different experiences of people in our community including queer, poor, neurodiverse, trans and gender non-conforming people, sex workers, migrants and many more. We are redefining cultural spaces, we are opening a space for artistic encounters around post-colonial projects. No longer are we invisible but we are taking up space and opening our space to upcoming, established artists and everyone curious about art.

Wetsi Gallery

A space for the creation and exhibition of artworks by artists committed to decolonial issues. By promoting the culture and arts of Africans and their diasporas, our objective is to create bridges between worlds that are still compartmentalized, between artists from various minorities and institutions that want to meet them. 

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